Daily Trips


Have a day full of water energy. Must visit place in the vicinity of the campsite resembling dwelling of dwarfs is the Water Hurst of Šunik. Drive to Lepena and start an easy hike among energical springs of waterfalls and pools.

We also suggest a day of waterfall hopping, meaning driving through the valley and strolling to the waterfalls or viewpoints. Start with waterfall Virje which you can reach via village of Plužna. This is a magical spot where the Glijun stream boasts multi-stranded waterfall 12 meters in height. Once you arrive, sit down and embark all the shades of green the spot is offering. Next, stop by the Kozjak waterfall accessible from Kobarid – Drežnica road. An easy walk along the riverbed of Soča will take you to the magnificent Veliki Kozjak caught in a stone amphitheater. Wrap it up with visiting the Boka waterfall, the highest waterfall in Slovenia. The waterfall is visible from the Bovec – Žaga road. You might as well get closer taking marked mountain trail.

Ideas for waterfalls trips in Soča valley are almost countless. In Zadnja Trenta there are Zapotoški waterfalls waiting for you to explore. You will reach the waterfalls if you cross the dry stream and jump over some rocks and pools. At the top, you will have to climb a rocky jump to see the highest waterfall up close. During the walk, which lasts for two hours, you will have views on surrounding mountains Prisank, Razor and Bavški Grintavec.


Summer in Tolmin enables you to visit numerous music festivals as well as enjoy the pure nature. At the southernmost entry point of Triglav National Park, you will find Tolmin gorges. Follow the signs for Zatolmin and you will arrive at a scenic confluence of rivers Tolminka and Zadlaščica. Then you have about an hour of the circular walk through the gorges to recharge your batteries.

Might you wish for slightly warmer water than Soča has to offer, take a day trip to Nadiža river. The temperature of Nadiža can reach 20°C. The river springs in Breginj corner, under the ridge of mountain Stol. It creates gravel areas, pools and river beds waiting for you to jump in, swim or simply lay down and relax. In folk tradition, it is believed the Nadiža river has healing powers. Go and feel the magic.
The spot where Nadiža carved the deep river beds stands the famous Napoleon bridge. It was used by Napoleon’s army in the 18th century to advance to Carinthia from the Veneto region.

If you want to change scenery, drive just across the border to Italy and visit Belopeška lakes (Laghi di Fusine). There you will find two glacial lakes with gorgeous Mangart on the background inviting you to swim, sunbathe or stroll around.

Lake at Most na Soči awaits for you to discover at the southern point of Tolmin valley at the confluence of Soča and Idrijca rivers. The lake was created due to the hydro plant, but still preserves the unique color of the Soča river. Recreational opportunities in the surrounding area are numerous; take a boat to go around the lake, stroll on thematic walking trails, rent a kayak, canoe, SUP or even go fishing.


For some historical insights into the area, we recommend visiting Kobarid. Taking 5 kilometers Kobarid Historical Trail you will be able to see natural sights as well as historical monuments. On the trail, you have an opportunity to stop in famous Kobarid Museum representing findings from the First World War.
When in Kobarid don’t forget this is as well center of culinary adventures. Among many excellent restaurants with years of tradition throughout the valley, you are invited to try delicacies of Hiša Franko in Kobarid.

Just 4 kilometers out of Bovec in the direction of the Predel mountain pass you will find the Kluže Fort. The fort is an important monument which played a huge role in the defense against Turkish invasions, Napoleon’s army and attacks during First World War. The fort is located in the midst of beautiful nature, between the steep slopes of Rombon, Slemen and deep emerald gorges of the river Koritnica. From the Kluže Fort, you can walk to Fort Hermann taking wide marked road carved into rocky slopes. The latter was built in the 19th Century to support the Kluže Fort. The picturesque walk takes about half an hour.

For some more history in the midst of nature visit the Memorial Church of the Holy spirit in Javorca. The church is located high above the bed of the Tolminka river. It celebrates the fallen Austro-Hungarian defenders of the Isonzo Front battlefield and bears the European Heritage label. From the terrace next to the church, there is a magnificent view of the Rdeči rob, the charming chain of the Tolmin – Bohinj mountains. The church is one of the points on the Walk of Peace trail, which connects memorials and remains of First World War in the Soča Valley.


Wishing for a different kind of adventure, have a day trip to Goriška Brda. Rolling hills between Soča river and Italian border are one of Slovenia’s foremost wine-growing areas. Get lost between numerous hills topped with churches surrounded by tiny pretty villages. Sit down at one of many family-run estates and enjoy the local wine observing hillsides and valleys blanketed with vineyards, orchards, and winding roads.


Get some fresh alpine air and take a trip to any mountain arround us.

They are everywhere. Just to name a few : Svinjak, Kanin , Krn, Triglav

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