At the place where the Korita camp stands today there stood the rear battle lines of the Austrian army during First World War (1914-1918). On the site of the huts of an army today stand the camp’s reception and dorms.

Camp Korita was established in 1989 by Jože Kašča, when he was already 66 years old. Camp was taken over by his grandson Peter Della Bianca in 2006. He started an eco camping experiment and expanded the offer from traditional camping to glamping. 

Today Peter and his family are creating a pleasant atmosphere of glamping experience of their boutique campsite. Camp with its carefree and a bit artistic atmosphere offers you magnificent opportunity for a holiday getaway. 


Camp Korita is family business which promotes dwelling in the middle of the unspoilt nature. Peter and his family welcome all of those ready to enjoy the cozzines of glamping resort to snuggle up at night for relaxed dinners and campfires.

Small camp next to emerald river enables a boutique experience of glamping. Hospitality is one of the highest priorities. Whether you need an information about outdoor activities, directions for your next trip or the best option to have a breakfast, the staff of Camp Korita will be more than happy to assist you.

One of the essential visions of the camp is to keep surrounding nature area preserved as it is. Camp Korita is therefore developing environment friendly as possible. The evidence of camp’s sustainability are wooden constructions of villas, chalets and other structures perfectly blending with landscape.



owner and manager

inspired by the area

love to bring people together

master of visualization

mentor, guide, NLP coach

guitar always at hand

mug of cold beer


a warm welcoming with a tray of tiny red glasses

a great atmosphere keeper

Soča valley information sharing at all times

laughing until crying companion

no smart phone, lots of books

making the best tomato carpaccio with some extra olive oil on summer evenings

a glass of red wine


project manager

open-minded and optimistic; easy-going through life

crafts and homemade delights admirer

travel to meet people and listen to their stories

summer for hiking and winter for skiing

relaxing with books and editing photos

outside of TV world

volunteering and Couchsurfing to widen the horizon

craft beer and a cup of coffee


canyoning guide: ICOpro International Canyoning Organization for Professionals

20 years of canyoning experiences all over the Europe

sliding down the waterfalls and jumping into tiny holes in Greece, Italy, Corsica, Austria and in our own paradise

always cleans wetsuits and canyoning equipment very (!) neatly

full of advices about hiking trails

on an ordinary day surprises with a culinary specialties

member of house/camp band

absolutely for beer

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