Discover the most hidden corners of nature while descending into pristine tributaries of rivers, river gorges and riverbeds. Experience the audacity of canyoning!

In our camp we offer you an adrenaline-fueled canyoning adventure with an experienced guide who has twenty years of experience in canyons across Europe. With Robi, you will experience descending on natural slides, jumping over waterfalls and walking through the canyon in a fun, but above all safe way.

Robi is a certified   ICOpro International Canyoning Organization for Professionals guide. Before the actual canyoning, he organizes a meeting and  explains all the necessary instructions. He takes you on a water adventure in a small group, where he can dedicate himself to each individual.

Information and reservations with your personal guide.

Robi Bečan

Mobile phone:  +38640795677


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