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Life happens outdoors. Camping and glamping in Camp Korita Soča enables you to experience joys of nature to the fullest. You can have a refreshing stroll on Soča trail in vicinity of the camp. Or you can bravely decide for portion of adrenaline following the water through waterfalls and green pools of Soča river.

Staff of the camp  will gladly assist and organize your adrenaline adventure. Staying in Camp Korita Šoča offers you a morning jump into Soča river challenge form a nearby 8 meters high bridge. Let’s have an adventure in style.

Soča Valley

Soča valley offers you an unique experience of active holiday. Picturesque landscape of Julian Alps and emerald Soča river calls for adventures in nture .

Adrenaline enthusiast will be fascinated by water adventures, rafting, kayaking or canyoning. Activities on water enable you to discover beauty of canyons, hidden pools and waterfalls. For an extra dose of adrenaline you can fly with a paraglider, jump from an airplane with a parachute, ride zipline or visit one of the adventure parks.

Soča valley is a great starting point for hiking. Trails will take you high in the mountains with breathtaking views on Julian Alps all the way to Adriatic sea. If you seek for more relaxing walks, the charming Soča trail will take you from its source all the way to Bovec. The valley also offers cycling paths with various levels of difficulty.

Camp Korita News

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ECOCAMPING Certifcate given to Camp Korita

Book your outdoor adventure at our reception

If you are our guest you could begin your adrenaline adventure with a jump from 8 meter high bridge just in front of our camp. Might you speed up heartbeat with some other activities, you are welcome to come by at our re ...

Outdoor kitchen: a place of meeting people and culinary experiments

We are one of the rarest campsites in the area with kitchen. We have two fully equipped outdoor kitchens, which means there is no need to bring along the gas stove and other kitchen ware. We also have mini fridges availa ...
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