Hiking trails

Kamp Korita is starting point of numerous hikes

Kamp Korita is as well starting point and hour walk up the hill to chapel of Marija Snežna, where you are being served with a wonderful view towards the valley and its surrounding hills.

The river Soča hiking trail leads you from the Soča source to Bovec. Guests of Camp Korita usually go for a relaxing two hour hike on the trail from Small gorges right beside the camp until picturesque big gorges.

From the camp you can also hike up Lemovje from where you will have great views on peaks of surrounding mountains. Trail through abandoned village and overgrown orchard will take about an hour. If you are up to something more difficult trail, you can hike up from Lemovje to Bavški Grintavec.

From Lepena you  can hike to the biggest high-mountain lake Krn. The hike takes about two hours. If you are about to hike to the peak of Krn on a sunny day, you will be offered unforgettable views on Adriatic sea and the highest peaks of Julian Alps.

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