Outdoor kitchen: a place of meeting people and culinary experiments

We are one of the rarest campsites in the area with kitchen. We have two fully equipped outdoor kitchens, which means there is no need to bring along the gas stove and other kitchen ware. We also have mini fridges available for daily rent.

Our shared kitchen offers you endless possibilities for your culinary creativity. While traveling the latter often turns into cooking experiment, which give the kitchen experience an additional charm.Lazy for pasta, inspired for some exotic dishes or hungry for local delicacies – our stoves have already seen them all.

We also do have a tiny garden in our glamping area, where you can grab some fresh herbs and spices.

Kitchen is at the same time the place of meeting new people. As a result you may get a travel advice or the basic of new language while waiting your water to boil. Shared kitchen was most definitely one of the best additions in the offer of Camp Korita.

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