Fresh on glamping: new villas

While the campground is still covered with a white blanket of snow, the days are getting longer and our plans for the coming spring are in full swing.

Years ago, you were able to sleep at our campsite in a tent that was set up on a wooden platform and even had a wooden roof. Everyone used to traditional camping with roots and stones under the mat said: “Luxury!"

Over the years we replaced the wooden platforms with wooden Trenta tents and villas as the trend of glamping or glamorous camping started to appear worldwide.

Trenta tents, were a slight upgrade of the aforementioned platform with a tent. Tiny houses with only half of the door provided a constant supply of fresh mountain air. Accompanied with the melody of the Soča and the soft mattress guaranteed each guest a sweet dreams.

The villas are a more refined version of Trenta tents, with doors, a window, a bed, electricity and a private terrace. This accommodation is the favourite choice of our dear guests, so we decided to replace the clapped-out Trenta tents in the coming spring with new villas. Those allow you to stay in the valley all year long.

In addition, a more sophisticated offer is also emerging at our campsite, namely in terms of delicious breakfasts and pampering in a hot bath in the embrace of the forest.

The future of our campsite revolves mainly in the direction of developing exclusively glamorous camping. Our goal is to pamper the guest and enable him the most comfortable and, last but not least, luxurious stay in the heart of unspoiled nature in the Soča Valley.

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