On the path towards the new reality

“When nothing is certain, anything is possible.” 

– Mandy Hale 

Tiny white flowers of fruit trees are slowly dancing in the wind on the background of blue skies and fresh greenness of the fields, meadows and hills. The spring is blooming and nature continues its cycle in absolute peace and quiet. The world has stopped. 

The occurrence of coronavirus has unexpectedly given us time to reflect on our operations we have done so far and to rethink how to step towards the future. Now we have the time to look within ourselves and to elaborate ideas that have been growing in our minds for a long time. Thus, our thoughts are now focused on the future and the creation of green tourism products as well as the extension of the tourist season, which will ease the lively summer months.

To exchange information we are connecting virtually with local actors on a regular basis. In web offices, we are trying to establish a positive and developmental environment. Together we collect proposals that we will address to state institutions with an emphasis on tourism as economic activity of major importance in Slovenia.

We are on the path towards the new reality that is emerging at this very moment. The future reality is not yet clearly defined, hence we feel a responsibility to co-create it to the best of our ability. Now is the time to repair the bridges. At this time we must rebuild wooden bridges eaten away by the tooth of time which are connecting the banks of the Soča river. Moreover, it is time to reestablish interpersonal bridges that connect people. 

We are living in the time of uncertainty that we haven’t experienced for a long time. Yet we are still optimistic to say that we will be able to welcome guests to our camp in June. We are following the regulations and preparing camp, glamping accommodations and surroundings for the arrival of our dear guests. In the meantime, we are observing Mother Nature enjoying solitude and healing itself and us. 

Stay healthy,

team camp Korita

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