Winter in Camp Korita

Having in mind the vision of the tourist destination Bovec, whose goal is to achieve year-round balanced tourism, this year we will be open in the winter for the first time.

Winter, glamping and hot tub

We invite you to spend the colder months in the comfort of wooden villas. Enjoy the sun rays penetrating through the colorful autumn foliage on your own terrace and treat yourself to a glass of wine in a hot tub at the edge of the woods with views of the surrounding peaks.

In the winter months, an alpine-style cottage awaits you. Relax in a warm dwelling during your exploration of unspoiled nature. Far from everything, enjoy the silence of nature in the embrace of a snowy landscape.

Winter activities in the Soča valley

In addition to simply observing the floating snowflakes, the Soča Valley also offers a variety of winter activities. Winter offers the opportunity to experience wilderness of nature  in a different way.

Kanin – Sella Nevea

Recreational or more demanding skiers and lovers of the high mountain sun can visit the highest lying ski resort Kanin – Sella Nevea in Slovenia.


While the Julian Alps offer a variety of terrains for snowy hikes in the winter months, you can also go for a relaxing winter walk down in the valley.


Go on a sleigh adventure to the snowy Mangart or Lepoč. You can go on impassable roads, which change their purpose in winter and become a sledding ground.

Ziplines and adrenaline parks

Visits to adrenaline parks are also possible in the winter months by prior arrangement.

Cross-country skiing

In the small village of Log pod Mangartom, there is a 1.5-kilometer-long cross-country ski run, where both classic and freestyle cross-country skiing is possible.


Head out to explore the magical areas of the Trenta Valley or Loška Koritnica or on snowshoes.

Winter in the Soča Valley is waiting for you!

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